Sliding panels accommodate:

  • Waist-to-crotch length
  • Waist, tummy and hip size - front and back
  • Any width, length or design leg pattern

Kit includes:

  • main panel to adjust width and side seam curve
  • front panel with dart, front panel without dart
  • back panel with waist dart
  • adjustable leg panels
  • Basic Instruction Card
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Coloured Design Brochure - 27 designs

Slacks are the most difficult garment to fit.
Using the Bonfit Slack Patterner you set the panels at your own measurements, adjust the crotch depth and draw around the firm edges onto paper. Add seam and hem allowance and cut out the fashion fabric. Wearing ease is built into the patterner.

Special Fit Handbook for Slacks

A 110 page coil bound handbook to give you step-by-step adjusting, fitting and designing instructions to guide you through the process of drafting your personalized slack pattern using the Bonfit Slack Patterner. Topics include fitting a disproportionate figure (front and back) and other problem areas.

How to order

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